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Welcome to the World of Dark Mythos

In this TCG, you’ll have the chance to collect and play with a wide range of cards representing each of the elemental forces (Fire, Ice, Nature, Dark, Holy, Spirit). 

The vision is also to create phygitial cards, that means you have a physcial twin card which can mint in our explorer.

The Game

Dark Mythos will give you the opportunity to play as one of sixhumanoid element-based races. At launch there will be the core character card sets, separate items and holo card sets which allows you to enhance and modify your strategy.

  • Ice


    Mighty, graceful and cold as ice. The ice elements live in Arctera and are ruled by an old trading dynasty.

  • Fire


    Born in fire, lost in hell. The fire elements are based in Lavanos which is built of heat, hate and pain.

  • Nature


    Grounded, wise and powerful. The nature elements live in the continuous forest of Sumara.

  • Dark


    Born in the dark, raised by demons. The land of Shadoz resembles your darkest nightmare.

  • Holy


    Divine, honest and born out of light. The holy elements live in Kalanos the land of light and hope.

  • Spirit


    The spirit element in Mythica. All sorts of elements but without life and color. 


1st Collection ✅


We open the chest. The Dark Mythos NFT Sale will go live, exclusively available on the Soonaverse Market.

Card Update ✅

We’re going to make some changes to the cards. The card attributes will be random in the future, depending on the stars

Event Collection ✅


The first event collection for Halloween. Card attributes are determined by a new distribution algorithm that results in each card being unique.

2nd Collection

March 2023

We release the second collection.

Development Goals

User Explorer ✅

Step 1

To start, we will create a registration process and a connection via MetaMask to the Tangle/ ERC20 network. Your cards will then be visible. This explorer will gradually appear in several versions.

Game Framework

Step 2

With the start of the explorer, the first concepts and mechanics are also decided. The first prototypes were already successful at this point. We are now starting to develop the first pre-alpha version.


Step 3

Development for the game marketplace, where NFT can be bought and sold in the future.

Transfer to Shimmer

Step 4

We want to gradually mint all NFT’s to Shimmer. We will help users with this process and take care of the storage deposits.

Game Coin

Step 5

We will start with tokenization and create a coin. With this you can also buy in FIAT currency.

Alpha Version

Step 6

All components are coming together, the first alpha release.

Advisory Board

Holger Köther


Holger Köther (SPYCE5 GmbH) will support and advise us in the following topics: Infrastructure | Strategy | Networking+

Dr. Tangle


Dr. Tangle will support and advise us in the following topics: Tokenomics | Strategy



iotaben (IOTABOTS) will support and advise us in the following topics: Gamification | Strategy



Vitaly (MintedVodka) will support and advise us in the following topics: Multi-Chain | Digital Values

Marco Besier

Web3 Developer Academy

Marco Besier (Web3 Developer Academy) will support and advise us in the following topics: Web3 and EVM Technologies


Tangle PHP

The connection to the IOTA Tangle

The aim of the IOTAphp lib is to offer PHP developers an easy way to interact with the IOTA network.

IOTA Games

NFT based Mini-Games for having some fun

We want to move forward together in game development based on IOTA.