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The Distribution of Drop Chances in the Trading Card Game Dark Mythos: An Analysis of Ranges and Probabilities

April 23, 2023

One of the most compelling aspects of the Dark Mythos Trading Card Game (TCG) is the distribution of cards and their rarities across four tiers: Low Range, Mid Range, High Range, and Super Range. In this article, we will take a closer look at the distribution of drop chances and how they affect the playing experience.

Playing cards and the four ranges:

Game cards are divided into four ranges. Within each range the each of the four ranks has its own drop chance. How this is calculated and assigned is not made public: Low Range, Middle Range, High Range, Super Range.

Low, Mid, High and Super Range

This information will later be included in the Dark Mythos Eplorer card details, so you will immediately know which range your card is in.

It will be possible to see the ranges in your cards, as well as in the marketplace.

Drop Chance Calculation:

The drop chance of cards in Dark Mythos is calculated as follows: 100% divided by the total card pool multiplied by the card pool of a specific rarity equals the percentage drop chance. This formula allows players to understand the probability of receiving a card of a particular rarity and adjust their collecting strategy accordingly.


Game cards and their random values:

Within each deck, the values of the playing cards are randomly selected. This means that even if two players draw cards from the same range, the values of the cards they draw can be different, adding excitement and strategic depth to the game.

Gaming Card values and their ranges

Holo Cards:

Holo cards are highly sought after in Dark Mythos and appear exclusively in the High Range and Super Range. These cards not only add a visual element to the game, but also provide strategic advantages. Just like other cards, their drop chance is calculated based on the card pool in each range.

Item Cards:

Unlike the cards in the four tiers, Item cards are always rolled with 100% randomness. This means that every player has an equal chance of getting valuable items that can change the course of the game.

Item Card Offensive values
Item Card Defensive values
Item Card Healing values
Item Card Holo values

Compare Cards:

When it comes to trading or gambling afterwards, strong values are of course important. To compare the cards we have developed a compare module: With this tool you can compare all cards!

Comparing Cards in the Dark Mythos Explorer


The distribution of drop chances in the Dark Mythos Trading Card Game is a critical factor in the game experience and card collecting. By understanding the ranges and calculating the probabilities, players can optimize their strategy and target rare cards more effectively. The random values of playing cards within a range increase the excitement and strategic depth of the game. At the same time, the random nature of the Item cards provides balance, allowing each player to obtain valuable resources. In total, the combination of these factors contributes to an exciting and dynamic game that will captivate both newcomers and experienced collectors.