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Earth’s Elements Edition: Events & Sale

January 12, 2024

An exclusive edition for active players, collectors and investors, with free mints up to the chance of a Holo card.

We are starting the year 2024 with a new type of event. This is the preliminary stage of an already ongoing development for upcoming quests around the Dark Mythos ecosystem. The events will represent the preliminary stage of these quests. All current events are based on collecting tasks, by collecting cards you can complete individual events. In the future, further tasks such as collecting XP, winning matches, league levels and much more will be added.

The start of the events begins with its own exclusive edition, the Earth’s Elements Edition. A complete edition with 90 brand new unique gaming cards. Including holo cards!

This edition consists of three different pools of cards:

  1. Event-Pool
  2. Sale-Pool
  3. Upcoming-Feature-Pool

The event pool is used for completing events, there are no 1-2* cards in this pool, so the drop chances for the higher cards are better. No cards can be bought from this pool.

The sale pool contains all card types and can be purchased via our “Buy Packs” section.

The Upcomiung feature pool is for future events to have the chance to get these cards again.

An overview of all pools and drop chances can be found in this graphic:

Event board and finalising the events

The new events will be visible under the “Events” menu item. Events in which players can participate will appear in different time periods. A MetaMask connection is required for this. All cards that are on MetaMask and Soonaverse will be taken into account. Players who do not take part in the sale have the opportunity to earn free mints through activity.

Free Mints can be collected and redeemed later in an edition for events. Free Mints are then distributed according to difficulty, differently for each event.

Each event will be active for 10 days, followed by a break until the next event with 4 days.

The cards that are collected remain in the inventory. At the end of an event, an snapshot of all participants is created, which then automatically distributes the free mints. Participation in a quest is only possible once per wallet at the time of the snapshot. You will see the remaining time in the active event.

A separate smart contract has been written for this purpose, which has received its own audit. You can view the audit here: Open PDF. The audit was carried out by the company Shieldify.

Redeeming Free Mints

To redeem your Free Mints, you can view the available editions under the menu item “Packs”. On the sales overview page, in addition to the sales section, there is a separate section for redeeming your Free Mints:

Trading & Buy Cards

You can buy cards over our “Buy Packs” menu in the explorer: Buy now
All cards already available will be tradable on ShimmerSea from the start of the events: Trade now