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Earth’s Elements Edition: Card Reveal

Check out the new edition: Earth’s Elements 90 brand new Unique gaming cards, including Holo Foils! In this overview we show you all maps including races and professions. If you want to discuss the maps with us, visit us on our Discord server:

Nature Set of EEE


Ice Set of EEE

Frostblade SistersArcteraICE2TerraqAnalyst

Fire Set of EEE


Holy Set of EEE


Dark Set of EEE


Spirit Set of EEE

The Conclave LewandorSPIRIT4VoitraInformer

Earth’s Elements Edition: Events & Sale

An exclusive edition for active players, collectors and investors, with free mints up to the chance of a Holo card.

We are starting the year 2024 with a new type of event. This is the preliminary stage of an already ongoing development for upcoming quests around the Dark Mythos ecosystem. The events will represent the preliminary stage of these quests. All current events are based on collecting tasks, by collecting cards you can complete individual events. In the future, further tasks such as collecting XP, winning matches, league levels and much more will be added.

The start of the events begins with its own exclusive edition, the Earth’s Elements Edition. A complete edition with 90 brand new unique gaming cards. Including holo cards!

This edition consists of three different pools of cards:

  1. Event-Pool
  2. Sale-Pool
  3. Upcoming-Feature-Pool

The event pool is used for completing events, there are no 1-2* cards in this pool, so the drop chances for the higher cards are better. No cards can be bought from this pool.

The sale pool contains all card types and can be purchased via our “Buy Packs” section.

The Upcomiung feature pool is for future events to have the chance to get these cards again.

An overview of all pools and drop chances can be found in this graphic:

Event board and finalising the events

The new events will be visible under the “Events” menu item. Events in which players can participate will appear in different time periods. A MetaMask connection is required for this. All cards that are on MetaMask and Soonaverse will be taken into account. Players who do not take part in the sale have the opportunity to earn free mints through activity.

Free Mints can be collected and redeemed later in an edition for events. Free Mints are then distributed according to difficulty, differently for each event.

Each event will be active for 10 days, followed by a break until the next event with 4 days.

The cards that are collected remain in the inventory. At the end of an event, an snapshot of all participants is created, which then automatically distributes the free mints. Participation in a quest is only possible once per wallet at the time of the snapshot. You will see the remaining time in the active event.

A separate smart contract has been written for this purpose, which has received its own audit. You can view the audit here: Open PDF. The audit was carried out by the company Shieldify.

Redeeming Free Mints

To redeem your Free Mints, you can view the available editions under the menu item “Packs”. On the sales overview page, in addition to the sales section, there is a separate section for redeeming your Free Mints:

Trading & Buy Cards

You can buy cards over our “Buy Packs” menu in the explorer: Buy now
All cards already available will be tradable on ShimmerSea from the start of the events: Trade now

Gamepaper v1 has landed

The DarkMythos Gamepaper has landed! Check out the gameplay and mechanics, the ranking system and also take a look at brand new eco system features like mythics and ladders!

Get a preview from the GamePaper:


Dark Mythos is a crypto TCG that takes players, collectors and fantasy fans into a breathtaking universe full of adventure.

In our game, the player is immersed in a world full of strategy and tactics, in which they compete in exciting turn-based matches against turn-based replicas of previously played matches by other players (auto-battle system). By buying or trading Dark Mythos NFT’s, decks of different strengths can be built and played with.

You can compete with other players in various leagues, level up and receive great rewards. Our algorithm (Willpower) ensures that you always play against equal opponents to guarantee a fair and balanced gaming experience.

At the heart of Dark Mythos are the unique cards, designed hand in hand by AI and real artists and specifically conceptualised for the elements. There are two types of cards: Gaming cards represent the heroes and heroines that can be used to fight on the field. They have different star ratings, attributes and elements.

Item cards are special cards that offer additional bonuses to strengthen gaming cards and thus provide an advantage on the playing field.

In addition, there are various elements, races and professions that complement the rarity and strength of the cards and add further strategic depth and variety to the game.

Why should game assets be outsourced to a blockchain?

Moving gaming assets to a blockchain has many advantages. It creates a system of transparency and immutability, ensuring that every transaction is verified and indelibly recorded on the network. This increases trust in the authenticity and ownership of assets.

Why IOTA/ Shimmer? Speed, efficiency and environmental friendliness.

We decided in favour of IOTA because it offers several decisive advantages. IOTA is zero-feeless, which makes transactions cost-effective for users. It is also fast and enables high transaction throughput, resulting in a smooth and pleasant user experience. In addition, IOTA is environmentally sustainable as it consumes much less energy than traditional blockchains. This is in line with our efforts to utilise innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly and future-proof.


Multichain: A gateway to unlimited possibilities

Our Explorer and our game are built on a multichain architecture, which means they are flexible enough to integrate different blockchain technologies. We are looking to expand the Dark Myth ecosystem with more EVM-compatible chains in the future. This flexibility allows us to utilise the best aspects of each blockchain and create a robust, efficient and user-friendly experience that can keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape.

The EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) serves as the basis for the multichain


Dark Mythos is intended to be a bridge between traditional Trading Card Games (TCGs) and the world of Web3. Our goal is to create a universe where players, traders and fantasy fans can interact.

Our NFT in-game assets allow for true ownership, meaning players have full control and ownership of their cards and other digital items. This also opens up the opportunity to generate passive income from in-game assets by trading or renting them out.

With the introduction of Phygitals, a combination of physical and digital assets, we also want to appeal to those who do not yet own cryptocurrencies (no-coiner) and introduce them to the world of Web3.

First SmartContract Audit done

We are happy to announce that our smart contracts has been audited by @ShieldifySec You can check the audit here:… Quality and protocol safety are paramount for our team at Dark Mythos. For this reason, partnering with the top-notch security researchers from Shieldify was an absolute no-brainer for us. Besides their thorough audit report, we highly valued their open and direct communication. If you’re looking for high-quality audits, professionalism, and a certain degree of healthy flexibility, look no further!

Introducing Dark Mythos — The NFT TCG with exclusive story by our renowned fantasy author

We invite you to unlock a new dimension of card collecting with immersive, handcrafted stories available exclusively to our NFT holders.

Dear Dark Mythos Community,

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking feature for our Dark Mythos Universe that we have integrated into our fantasy trading card game — NFT cards with a story-function. This addition allows holders of these unique NFT cards to unlock exclusive stories crafted by the fantasy author Marco Dülk. Our goal is to provide players and collectors with a captivating narrative experience alongside their card collecting journey.

The Fusion of NFTs and Fantasy Literature

As the Dark Mythos team, we have always been passionate about pushing the boundaries of the TCG world. We observed the growth of NFTs in recent years, with digital artists, musicians, and sports franchises using blockchain technology to create unique, collectible digital assets. Inspired by this trend, we decided to merge the thrill of collecting rare NFT cards with the allure of exclusive, professionally written stories, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for fans of both fantasy literature and trading card games.

Unlocking Exclusive Stories for Our Community

As holders of our special NFT cards, you will gain access to exclusive stories that are carefully crafted by a fantasy author. These stories delve deep into the lore of Dark Mythos, offering insight into the backgrounds of the characters and the worlds they inhabit. As you accumulate more cards, you will unlock additional chapters and story arcs, creating a personalized and immersive experience that evolves with your collection.

Preview of the Story Cards

The Magic of Handcrafted Tales

We believe in the power of authentic storytelling. That’s why, instead of relying on AI-generated content, we chose to collaborate with a skilled fantasy author to create stories that are engaging, authentic, and of high literary quality. This collaboration ensures that every story unlocked by our NFT holders is a unique and captivating work of art that cannot be replicated by artificial intelligence.

Our Author Marco

Marco Dülk is an emerging fantasy author known for his works “Mila of Haileybury” and “The Nymphs: Masters of Fire”. His stories captivate with vivid characters and intriguing plotlines.

Marco Dülk and his releases

His author page on Amazon provides further insights into his creative process. Marco Dülk continually evolves and delights his readership with new, exciting stories.

A New Era for Collectors and Gamers

We are proud to introduce this exclusive story-function in Dark Mythos, marking a new era for collectors and gamers alike. The combination of NFT technology with the masterful storytelling of our renowned fantasy author elevates the TCG experience to new heights. We hope that our players will not only enjoy collecting rare cards but also exploring the rich narrative of the Dark Mythos universe. We believe this innovative feature will set a new standard for future NFT TCGs and inspire more projects to follow suit, further blurring the lines between digital collectibles, gaming, and literature.

Join us in this exciting new chapter in the world of NFTs and TCGs — explore the enchanting realm of Dark Mythos today!

Dark Mythos Explorer: Unlocking the future of interactive storytelling with innovative Story Module Features

By blending the excitement of interactive storytelling with cutting-edge features designed for security, user-friendliness, and personalized experiences, Dark Mythos is taking his NFT experience to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of the Stories Module and how it’s transforming the Explorer.

Discover the Stories module that brings the world of interactive storytelling into the Dark Mythos Explorer!

We’d like to introduce you to some of the innovative features we’ve been working on for our Stories Module. These features are designed to provide security, user-friendliness, and personalized experiences for our users.

1. Sign in via Wallet Signature with OTP (One Time Password):
To offer our users a seamless and secure sign-in process, we’ve implemented login via Wallet Signature combined with an OTP (One-Time Password). This ensures strong authentication while protecting our users’ privacy.

2. Ownership Verification
Determining NFT Owners: Our Story Module enables the verification of NFT ownership. This is particularly important to ensure that only the rightful owner of an NFT has access to exclusive content and features.

3. Permission System
Offering Restricted Content: Our advanced permission system in the Story Module allows us to release NFT content only to specific users or user groups. This way, we can create exclusive and personalized experiences for our community.

4. Role Management
Offering Content for Specific Roles: With our role management, we can unlock different modules and features based on users’ roles. For example, we can grant access to special areas in the explorer for certain roles. The first module we will introduce is Storie Cards, which unlock the story collection area for eligible users.

5. Scrapbook:
Unleashing the Power of NFTs: Our unique Scrapbook feature in the Story Module allows users to unlock compelling stories associated with their NFTs. Each NFT from the “The Plague Edition” holds a piece of the narrative, and by collecting them, users can piece together the full story. This interactive and engaging approach adds a new layer of depth to the NFT experience, making each NFT not just a digital asset, but the key to a fascinating story.

The Distribution of Drop Chances in the Trading Card Game Dark Mythos: An Analysis of Ranges and Probabilities

One of the most compelling aspects of the Dark Mythos Trading Card Game (TCG) is the distribution of cards and their rarities across four tiers: Low Range, Mid Range, High Range, and Super Range. In this article, we will take a closer look at the distribution of drop chances and how they affect the playing experience.

Playing cards and the four ranges:

Game cards are divided into four ranges. Within each range the each of the four ranks has its own drop chance. How this is calculated and assigned is not made public: Low Range, Middle Range, High Range, Super Range.

Low, Mid, High and Super Range

This information will later be included in the Dark Mythos Eplorer card details, so you will immediately know which range your card is in.

It will be possible to see the ranges in your cards, as well as in the marketplace.

Drop Chance Calculation:

The drop chance of cards in Dark Mythos is calculated as follows: 100% divided by the total card pool multiplied by the card pool of a specific rarity equals the percentage drop chance. This formula allows players to understand the probability of receiving a card of a particular rarity and adjust their collecting strategy accordingly.


Game cards and their random values:

Within each deck, the values of the playing cards are randomly selected. This means that even if two players draw cards from the same range, the values of the cards they draw can be different, adding excitement and strategic depth to the game.

Gaming Card values and their ranges

Holo Cards:

Holo cards are highly sought after in Dark Mythos and appear exclusively in the High Range and Super Range. These cards not only add a visual element to the game, but also provide strategic advantages. Just like other cards, their drop chance is calculated based on the card pool in each range.

Item Cards:

Unlike the cards in the four tiers, Item cards are always rolled with 100% randomness. This means that every player has an equal chance of getting valuable items that can change the course of the game.

Item Card Offensive values
Item Card Defensive values
Item Card Healing values
Item Card Holo values

Compare Cards:

When it comes to trading or gambling afterwards, strong values are of course important. To compare the cards we have developed a compare module: With this tool you can compare all cards!

Comparing Cards in the Dark Mythos Explorer


The distribution of drop chances in the Dark Mythos Trading Card Game is a critical factor in the game experience and card collecting. By understanding the ranges and calculating the probabilities, players can optimize their strategy and target rare cards more effectively. The random values of playing cards within a range increase the excitement and strategic depth of the game. At the same time, the random nature of the Item cards provides balance, allowing each player to obtain valuable resources. In total, the combination of these factors contributes to an exciting and dynamic game that will captivate both newcomers and experienced collectors.

New Event: Collect all cards of a rarity level from Halloween Edition 2022 to get a limited card (14–22.04.2023)

Event starts on 14.04 and ends on 22.04–2023: It is time to complete the Halloween Edition. Our Spirit element is still missing. This time it’s not about collecting a set of the same elements, but all the cards of a rarity. what do you get? For collecting all cards of a rarity (only from the Halloween Edition 2022) you will receive a rare spirit card with extra strong stats!

On the final day of the event, we will take a snapshot of all accounts, based on which we will then distribute the cards to the Soonaverse accounts.

Of course, you can also use the Dark Myth Explorer to check which cards you already have. To do this, connect to your Meta Mask account where your cards are stored, and the number of cards you own will be displayed automatically:

⭐ 1-Star Rarity Card

What you need to collect your new card:
Rage / Murgel / Tavar / Nausea / Batson

Collect the following cards to get a new one: Rage / Murgel / Tavar / Nausea / Batson

What you get:

Limestone from Lewandor (Spirit)

Limestone ⭐

Attack: 223

Element: Spirit

⭐⭐ 2-Star Rarity Card

What you need to collect your new card:
Sparkhead / Aja / Thorn / Bone / Riac

Collect the following cards to get a new one: Sparkhead / Aja / Thorn / Bone / Riac

What you get:

Oona from Lewandor (Spirit)

Oona ⭐⭐

Attack: 359
Defense: 353

Element: Spirit

⭐⭐⭐ 3-Star Rarity Card

What you need to collect your new card:
Oakes / Fera/ Rex/ Ossa/ Niya

Collect the following cards to get a new one: Oakes / Fera/ Rex/ Ossa/ Niya

What you get:

Arya from Lewandor (Spirit)

Arya ⭐⭐⭐

Attack: 509

Element: Spirit

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4-Star Rarity Card

What you need to collect your new card:
Firegrew / Vanth / Yama / Lithara / Anwar

Collect the following cards to get a new one: Firegrew / Vanth / Yama / Lithara / Anwar

What you get:

Emerald Slate from Lewandor (Spirit)

Emerald Slate⭐⭐⭐⭐

Attack: 693

Element: Spirit

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-Star Rarity Card

What you need to collect your new card:
Ifre / Iyana / Astryn / Minetta / Valery

Collect the following cards to get a new one: Ifre / Iyana / Astryn / Minetta / Valery

What you get:

Immortal King from Lewandor (Spirit)

Immortal King ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Attack: 840

Element: Spirit

Of course we don’t want to forget the item cards, unfortunately we can’t create any rarity or element cards here, so we decided that you have to collect them all for the rare item card for Spirit.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-Star Set Card

What you need to collect your new card:
Stream of Life / Fiery Diamond / Unholy Gift / Shield of Resistence / Frozen Spark

Collect the following cards to get a new one: Stream of Life / Fiery Diamond / Unholy Gift / Shield of Resistence / Frozen Spark

What you get:

Time Petal from Lewandor (Spirit)

Time Petal ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Attack: 0

Element: Spirit

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Crypto TCG with NFT Authentication: The Future of Online Card Games

The fusion of blockchain technology, NFTs and traditional card games will be a game changer for the online gaming landscape.


The world of online card games has been growing steadily over the past decades, providing endless hours of entertainment to a diverse audience e.g. Sports, Fantasy, Cartoons. In parallel, the emergence of blockchain technology and the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the web, paving the way for new opportunities and applications. One group of such applications are Crypto Trading Card Games (cTCG). cTCGs combine the excitement of traditional card games with the unique benefits of NFTs and blockchain technology. This innovative blend is poised to become the future of online card games, and in this article, we’ll explore the reasons why.

Ownership and Scarcity

Traditional online card games often lack a sense of true ownership for the players. You don’t know how many owners were involved, and sometimes you don’t know if the card is stolen or counterfeit. Digital cards are typically stored on centralized servers, and players have no real guarantee of the long-term value or security of their assets.

However, with Crypto TCGs and NFT Authentication, players can truly own their digital cards as unique tokens on the blockchain. These tokens cannot be duplicated, ensuring scarcity and increasing the value of rare and desirable cards. This creates an environment where players can feel a real connection to their collection and have confidence in the long-term value of their digital assets.

Interoperability and Cross-Platform Compatibility

NFTs and blockchain technology enable interoperability, allowing players to use their digital cards across platforms and games. This cross-platform compatibility breaks down barriers between different gaming ecosystems, allowing players to easily transfer their collections and participate in multiple games. Crypto TCGs using NFT Login will facilitate a seamless gaming experience, encouraging players to explore new games while preserving the value of their digital assets.

Decentralization and Security

Traditional online card games are vulnerable to hacking, fraud, and data breaches due to their centralized nature. Blockchain technology offers a solution by decentralizing data storage and transaction validation, making it virtually impossible to hack or manipulate the system. This ensures the security of players’ digital assets and increases the trustworthiness of the gaming ecosystem.

Secondary Market

Crypto TCGs that utilize NFT Authentication enable a thriving secondary market where players can trade, sell, or buy digital cards. This not only adds another layer of excitement to the gaming experience but also offers players the opportunity to monetize their card collections. NFT marketplaces can facilitate these transactions with ease, ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment.

Community Engagement and Governance

Crypto TCGs can leverage the power of blockchain technology to promote community engagement and decision-making. Token holders can participate in game development, suggest changes, and vote on new features or card designs. This level of involvement empowers players and fosters a strong sense of loyalty and attachment to the game.


The future of online card games lies in the convergence of blockchain technology, NFTs, and traditional games. Crypto TCGs with NFT authentication provide players with true ownership, interoperability, security, and trading capabilities while fostering community engagement. As the technology continues to evolve and mature, it’s only a matter of time before crypto TCGs dominate the online gaming landscape, offering players an unparalleled gaming experience that transcends the limitations of traditional platforms.

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